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Sometimes in the process of ASIC designing it is more reasonable to buy some ready-made and silicon-proven IP-blocs to reduce the time of developing and to avoid risks of getting an unworkable chip. The company practices using some ready-made and silicon-proven IP-blocks both from foreign suppliers and of own development.
The list of own-developed IP-blocks:
Hard IP-blocks
  • DSCORE0101H-SL180G – Small footprint, low power Power on Reset (with embedded band gap), Silterra CL180G
  • DSCORE0102H-SL180G – Ultra low quiescent current Linear Voltage Regulator 3.3V to 1.8V (can be embedded into inline IO ring), Silterra CL180G
  • DSCORE0103H-TSMC250HVBCD – Linear Voltage Regulator 5V to 2.5V, TSMC CV025LH HV BCD
  • DSCORE0401H-SL180G – Silicon RC Oscillator 20-90MHz (no need external components), Silterra CL180G
  • DSCORE0202H-SL180G – USB2.0 Device PHY, Silterra CL180G
Soft IP-blocks
  • DSCORE0203S – Code size effective controller of USB2.0 interface, RTL
  • DSCORE0301S – Code size effective BCH encoder/decoder 8bits/512bytes, RTL
  • DSCORE0302S – Code size effective BCH encoder/decoder 12bits/512bytes, RTL
  • DSCORE0303S – Customizable BCH encoder/decoder, RTL
The list of IP-blocks is not complete.
If you have any question or you would like to get a datasheet, do not hesitate to contact us, please:
  • e-mail: ip@dsol.ru
  • phone: +7 (495) 978-2870 ext. 12
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